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We Work With Your Safety in Mind

Concrete Masters LLC added additional guidelines to our safety protocol to ensure our employees are protected.

Concrete Masters LLC Safety Protocols

Safety is the number one priority on every job site. OSHA regulations state that employers are required to ensure that the workplace is free of hazards that could result in serious injuries or death. Nowadays, that is as true for fall hazards and accidents as it is for contracting COVID-19.

As states have begun to ease lockdown restrictions, Concrete Masters LLC has added additional guidelines to our safety protocol to ensure our employees are protected. 

  • All employees will utilize social distancing by maintaining a 6-foot distance from other individuals on the job site.
  • When workspaces do not allow for the recommended 6-foot social distancing, we will take steps to adjust crew sizes and work sequences.
  • We are not allowing any more than 10 individuals within an enclosed space. 
  • Technicians will be provided and required to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and disposed of properly.
  • We provide soap and running water on all job sites for frequent handwashing as well as hand sanitizer when soap and running water are not available.
  • All common spaces and high‐touch surfaces on job sites will be cleaned and disinfected including shared tools, etc.

Should a potential or confirmed case of COVID‐19 occur, all companies working on site will be notified. A thorough cleaning of the job site and tools/equipment will be completed and employees working in the immediate area or in contact with the employee will be advised to self‐quarantine, in accordance with CDC Health guidelines.

These guidelines aim to address concerns many employees have about safely returning to work and help to provide a safe and healthy work environment.

OSHA has published a document that lays out the steps for preparing workplaces that is a helpful resource for many companies:

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